European Planetary Science Congress 2018
16–21 September 2018
TU Berlin | Berlin | Germany


Please note that a trade fair and the Berlin Marathon will take place during the conference week of EPSC2018. Hotel prices near TU Berlin are increased compared to the usual rates. We therefore suggest looking for hotels in other parts of Berlin and use the public transportation to reach TU Berlin.

Finding reasonably priced accommodation

In Berlin, AirBnb has become one of the largest platforms to find an apartment for short-term rent. Other alternatives for holiday apartments are or, where you can also find hotels. Be quick with booking, as hotels and apartments are in high demand for the time of EPSC2018. You may also consider arriving on Monday instead of Sunday to have more options.

We strongly recommend not to book too close to the conference venue in order to find accommodation at lower rates. In Berlin, it is quite easy to get around via underground (U-Bahn) and trains (S-Bahn). See the map below for some example connections and distances to the EPSC venue (TU Berlin). Some areas where it may be easier to find a more affordable accommodation are:

  • Alexanderplatz: S-Bahn S3/S5/S7 to Tiergarten, 11 min
  • Warschauer Str.: S-Bahn S3/S5/S7 to Tiergarten, 18 min
  • Stadtmitte: U-Bahn U2 to Ernst-Reuter-Platz, 14 min
  • Südkreuz: S-Bahn S2 to Friedrichstr., then S3/S5/S7 to Tiergarten, 22 min
  • Potsdam main train station (ABC ticket needed): S-Bahn S7 to Tiergarten, 33 min

You can find the best connection via the Berlin public transportation website

If you are not in walking distance of the conference venue, or if you prefer to fill your days/evenings with sightseeing, you may consider buying a one-week ticket for the public transportation. They are valid on all U- and S-Bahn trains, trams and buses, and regional trains within Berlin area. You can buy them online at or at a ticket machine. You need to be sure to select the right zone, however, the center of Berlin (zones A+B) costs you €30 for a one-week ticket. If you have your accommodation further out, it is €37.50

Hotels near TU Berlin

The following is a selection of hotels in the surrounding area of TU Berlin. Please note that there might be considerably increased rates during the conference week.

Neither EPSC nor Copernicus is responsible for accommodation. Please contact the hotels directly in case of any questions or bookings.

Shared accommodation in Berlin

The most inexpensive accommodation option is to share a rented apartment or a room. If you do not know other EPSC participants from your own institute, try to find others via social network such as Facebook or Twitter, using the respective hashtag (#‎epsc2018‬). Ask for a split bill of the apartment / hotel room to avoid reimbursement problems with your institute. Apartments also have the advantage of being equipped with a kitchen, so instead of buying expensive restaurant food, you can make your own lunch and dinner. You can also try couch hopping or book at a hostel (most of them are conveniently located in the city center) as low-cost alternatives.